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2012 Endorsements

43rd District Democrats Endorsements

September 30, 2012

Below are the 2012 endorsements of the 43rd District Democrats organization.  The list includes candidates and ballot measures endorsed through our general election endorsements meeting on Tuesday, September 18th.

• President: Barack Obama
• US Senate: Maria Cantwell
• 7th CD: Jim McDermott
• 9th CD: Adam Smith

• Governor: Jay Inslee
• Lieutenant Governor: Brad Owen
• Attorney General: Bob Ferguson
• State Auditor: Troy Kelley
• Secretary of State: Kathleen Drew
• Commissioner of Public Lands: Peter Goldmark
• Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler
• Treasurer: Jim McIntire
• WA Supreme Court #9: Sheryl Gordon McCloud
• Ref. 74 (Marriage Equality): YES
• I-502 (Marijuana): YES
• I-1185 (Eyman): NO
• I-1240 (Charter Schools): NO
• SJR 8221 (constitutional amendment, debt limit): NO
• Advisory Votes Nos. 1 and 2: Maintain

• 43rd State Rep.: Frank Chopp
• 43rd State Rep.: Jamie Pedersen
• King County Sheriff: John Urquhart
• King County Superior Court #42: Chris Washington
• City of Seattle AFIS Levy Renewal: YES
• City of Seattle Seawall Levy: YES


About Washington's 43rd District Democrats

We’re a grassroots, volunteer-based organization in Seattle committed to increasing political participation and civic engagement through:

  • Registering and educating voters and citizens
  • Effecting change through grassroots organizing
  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV) organizing
  • Hosting public forums and panel discussions
  • Holding precinct and legislative district caucuses
  • Supporting leaders who share our values

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