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2013 Endorsements

Below are the 2013 endorsements of the 43rd District Democrats Organization. This list is inclusive of candidates and ballot measures endorsed through our primary election endorsements meeting, held May 21, 2013.


County Executive: Dow Constantine 
County Sheriff: John Urquhart 
County Council, Dist. 1: Rod Dembowski

Port of Seattle:

Commissioner, Pos. 1: John Creighton 
Commissioner, Pos. 2: Courtney Gregoire 
Commissioner, Pos. 3: Stephanie Bowman

City of Seattle:

Mayor: Ed Murray 
City Attorney: Pete Holmes 
City Council, Pos. 2: Richard Conlin
City Council, Pos. 4: Sally Bagshaw
City Council, Pos. 6: Nick Licata 
City Council, Pos. 8: Mike O'Brien

Seattle School Board: 

Position 4: Sue Peters
Position 5: Stephan Blanford
Position 7: Betty Patu

State Court of Appeals, Division 1: James Verellen 


Advisory Votes No. 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7: MAINTAIN
Initiative 517: NO
Initiative 522: YES
King County Prop 1: APPROVE
Seattle Prop 1: YES