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Become a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO)


The 43rd legislative district is divided into precincts. Most precincts have an Elected Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) who serves as the political representative for that neighborhood.

PCOs walk their precinct before each election making sure their neighbors are registered voters, handing out election materials, and reminding people to vote. They also are key players in spreading the word about Democratic candidates and issues. 

PCOs are elected every two years as part of the Democratic primary. You can also be appointed at any time to represent a vacant precinct as an Appointed PCO. If your precinct already has a PCO you can also be appointed as  an Acting PCO for a nearby precinct which doesn’t have a PCO.

Find your precinct through the King County District Finder lookup. Then contact us at to see if your precinct is unfilled or if there are nearby open precincts.