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2017 Endorsement Questionnaires

2017 Endorsement Questionnaires, by Position

 Please note:  If you prefer, you may add this master link collection to your Google Drive as a document.

* Denotes a candidate ineligible for endorsement.



Jenny Durkan (Environmental Caucus Survey)

Jessyn Farrell (Environmental Caucus Survey)

Bob Hasegawa (Environmental Caucus Survey)

Michael McGinn (Environmental Caucus Survey)

Cary Moon (Environmental Caucus Survey)


Seattle City Council, Position 8

Hisam Goueli

*Jon Grant (Environmental Caucus Survey)

Teresa Mosqueda (Environmental Caucus Survey)

Sara Nelson (Environmental Caucus Survey)

Sheley Secrest

Charlene Strong

* Not running as a Democrat, ineligible for endorsement.


Seattle City Council, Position 9

Lorena Gonzalez

Patricia Murakami


Seattle City Attorney

Pete Holmes

Scott Lindsay


Port of Seattle Commissioner, Position 1

Ryan Calkins

John Creighton

Claudia Kauffman


Port of Seattle Commissioner, Position 3

Ahmed Abdi

Stephanie Bowman


Port of Seattle Commissioner, Position 4

John Persak

Ken Rogers

Brooks Salazar

Preeti Shridhar

Peter Steinbrueck


King County Executive

Dow Constantine


King County Council, District 1

Rod Dembowski


King County Sheriff

Mitzi Johanknecht

John Urquhart


King County Court of Appeals, Position 2

Judge Michael Spearman


King County Court of Appeals, Position 5

Judge David Mann


Seattle School Board, Position IV

Herbert J. Camet, Jr.

Eden Mack

* Not running as a Democrat, ineligible for endorsement. 


Seattle School Board, Position V

Alec Cooper

Zachary DeWolf

Andre Helmstetter

* Questionnaire submitted late, ineligible for endorsement.


Seattle School Board, Position VII

Chelsea Byers

Betty Patu




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