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2017 Endorsement Results

Washington’s 43rd District Democrats 2017 Endorsement Results



State Advisory Votes No. 16-18: [X] MAINTAINED (These are the Tim-Eyman required votes on revenue measures from the State Legislature. These are advisory and nature, and thus are literally wasting taxpayer dollars for ballot printing, counting, and voter guide printing.)

King County

King County Prop. 1 (Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services Levy): [X] YES (this renews and expands an expiring levy that provides affordable and supportive housing for veterans, seniors, and community members on fixed incomes throughout King County.)

King County Executive: [X] Dow Constantine 

King County Sheriff: [X] Mitzi Johanknecht

King County Council, Dist. 1: [X] Rod Dembowski


Court of Appeals, Div. 1, Dist. 1, Pos. 2: [X] Michael S. Spearman

Court of Appeals, Div. 1, Dist. 1, Pos. 5: [X] David Mann

Port of Seattle

Port of Seattle Commissioner, Pos. 1: [X] Ryan Calkins

Port of Seattle Commissioner, Pos. 3: [X] Stephanie Bowman

Port of Seattle Commissioner, Pos. 4: [X] Preeti Shridhar

City of Seattle

Mayor: No Position

City Attorney: [X] Pete Holmes

City Council, Pos. 8: [X] Teresa Mosqueda

City Council, Pos. 9: [X] M. Lorena Gonzalez

Seattle Public Schools

District Director, Dist. 4: [X] Eden Mack

District Director, Dist. 5: [X] Zachary DeWolf

District Director, Dist. 7: [X] Betty Patu

Note: School Board Districts are voted on by district in the primary, but city-wide in the general election