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Delegate Election Update

43rd Democrats Legislative District Caucus on April 17, 2016 at Lincoln School in Seattle

Congratulations to the 46 delegates and 23 alternates elected to the Congressional District caucuses (May 21) and Washington State Democratic Convention (June 17-19, Tacoma)
A huge thanks to all of our tally heroes – especially Tara Gallagher, Tally Committee Chair -- who worked into the darkness to count every vote!

All delegates and alternates will be notified with more information about next steps. We’re wrapping up the documentation for the caucus right now, so we appreciate your patience as we complete that work first. Congratulations again! 

7th Congressional District (45 delegates/23 alternates)
Location: North Seattle College - 9600 College Way N, Seattle, WA 98103

Sanders Delegates

Female Delegates (16):
Ximena Velazquez-Arenas
Danielle Askini
Kalie Sandstrom
Catherine Donnelly
Zuleyha Ozonder
Tara Rayers
Ayla Kadah
Annabelle Backman
Andi O’Rourke
Tara Lee
Joey Gray
Carla Barrick
Lydia Olchoff
Sandra Shulman
Sarah Koch
Amy Madden 

Female Alternates (8):
1. Sacha Talpur
2. Margarita Munoz
3. Tara Gallagher
4. Kathleen Klozar
5. Leslie McGovern
6. Mary Soonmie Park
7. Tara Ulanoff
8. Christina Yanez

Male delegates (15)

Matthew Anderson
Philip Dawdy
Alex Beckler
Anthony Diaz
Majid Al Bahdli
Andrew Boyd
Michael Campbell
Donald Goldberg
Matt Toles
Jorge Bustamante
Daniel Harrington
Phoenix Cavalier
Raphael Pierre
Henry Dotson
Jeff Jett

Male alternates (8)

1. Omar Vasquaz
2. Patrick Moore
3. Kris Pendleton
4. Jason Mitchell
5. De Saulniers
6. Nathan McKinley
7 John Moore
8. Adam Critzer

Clinton Delegates

Female delegates (7)

Shayna Daitch
Lizzie Evans
Brooke Brod
Laurie Goff
Ali Lee
Jennifer Schmidt
Mavis Tai

Female alternates (4)

1. Laura Zagg
2. Mary da Cruz
3. Jessica Horst
4. Sarah Perez 

Male delegates (7)

Rob Dolin
James Apa
Noah An
Terrence Hecker
Anay Mahendra Shah
Alex Garcia Bana
Michael Maddux

Male alternates (3)

1. Indranil Ghosh
2. John Bailey
3. John Fogarty

9th Congressional District (1 delegate)
Location: IBEW Hall, Kent


Male delegate (1)
Ian Kipp Hagemann