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June 20, 2017 General Meeting Agenda - E-Board Vacancy Elections and Endorsements!

43rd District Democrats
June Membership and Endorsements Meeting
June 20, 2017  7 p.m.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, June 20th, starting at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.) at Kane Hall on the University of Washington campus (map).  This meeting will be live-streamed to our Facebook Event discussion feed.  View our current PCOs and Members for June Endorsements Meeting.


6:00 p.m.      Doors open

7:00 p.m.      Call to order and welcome

                      Approval of agenda and minutes from April meeting

7:10 p.m.      Approval of new PCOs

SEA 43-1265 Andrea Borning, Acting

SEA 43-1274 Tyler Mesman, Acting

SEA 43-1333 Thomas Whittemore, Acting

SEA 43-1348 Neal Traven, Appointed

SEA 43-1361 Robin Thomas, Acting

SEA 43-1781 Morgan McMurray, Acting

SEA 43-1817 Kris V. L. Mikami, Appointed

SEA 43-1835 Jill Gruber, Appointed

SEA 43-1975 Kristin Johnsen, Acting

SEA 43-1993 Rob Dolin, Appointed

SEA 43-2008 Maddy Vonhoff, Acting

SEA 43-2011 Rachmeler Kim, Acting

SEA 43-2029 Carolyn Akinbami, Acting

SEA 43-2059 Austin Miller, Acting

SEA 43-2065 Matthew Ellenberger, Acting

SEA 43-2089 Daniel Graham, Acting

SEA 43-2541 Greta Hotopp, Acting

SEA 43-2928 Sameer Ramade, Acting

SEA 43-3776 Emily J. Murphy, Acting

7:20 p.m.      Appointment/election to fill Executive Board vacancies

                                 Young Democrats representative -- Spencer Lively (Chair appointment, with membership ratification)

                                 Vice Chair for Membership (election)

                                 Vice Chair for Communications (election)

                                 Co-Vice Chair for Events (election)

7:35 p.m.      Endorsements (see rules)


King County Executive: Dow Constantine

King County Council District 1: Rod Dembowski

Court of Appeals, Position 5: David Mann


Contested Races:

King County Proposition 1

Port of Seattle Commissioner, Position 1

Port of Seattle Commissioner, Position 3

Port of Seattle Commissioner, Position 4

King County Sheriff

Court of Appeals, Position 2

Seattle City Attorney

Seattle City Council, Position 8

Seattle City Council, Position 9

Seattle Mayor

Seattle School District, Position 4

Seattle School District, Position 5

Seattle School District, Position 7

10:00 p.m.      Adjourn