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Endorsement Rules

If you are a candidate or campaign seeking the endorsement of the 43rd District Democrats, please review our rules of endorsement.

43rd District Democrats 2017 Endorsement Rules

(Adopted March 21, 2017)

Article One: Rules
1. Applicability. These Rules shall apply to the selection of any candidate for public office who seeks the endorsement of the 43rd District Democrats and to the endorsement of a position on a ballot measure.
2. Decision of Chair is Final. The decision of the Chair with respect to any question of interpretation of these rules is final.
3. Endorsement Meetings. All considerations of endorsements shall take place at one (1) membership meeting per election period (e.g., one during a Primary Election and one during a General Election).

Article Two: Candidates
1. Eligibility. Candidates will be eligible for endorsement per Bylaws of the 43rd District Democratic Organization Article 13 - Endorsements.
2. King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC)
Questionnaire. Candidates must submit the KCDCC questionnaire ( ) to the King County Democrats and the 43rd District Democrats, and the questionnaire must be posted online, at least
ten (10) calendar days prior to the endorsements meeting date or two (2) calendar days after the last day of filing, whichever is later. A majority of the Executive Board may waive this requirement for incumbents in partisan offices running for re-election who have previously submitted the
KCDCC Questionnaire. Presidential candidates are not subject to this rule.
3. Primary and General Election Endorsement Eligibility. A candidate who does not receive the 43rd District Democrats' endorsement for a Primary Election may be eligible to be endorsed in the General Election only if either:

a. no candidate in that contest was endorsed leading up to the Primary Election or

b. no candidate(s) endorsed before the Primary Election make it to the General Election.

Article Three: Balloting
1. Creation of a Slate. The Executive Board may create a slate of candidates and/or ballot measures for consideration by the membership, for which the membership may dispense with balloting and endorse through unanimous consent. Any member may request that a candidate or ballot measure be pulled from the slate and that contest will be considered individually, by paper ballot. 2. Ballot Required. All votes for endorsements, except through the creation of

a slate, shall be conducted through use of paper ballots. Each voting member may vote for as many candidates for each office as they choose or for the 43rd District to make no endorsement in that race. Results shall be tallied and reported to the Chair.

3. Endorsement Threshold. Any candidate receiving sixty (60) percent of the ballots will receive an endorsement. Ballots marked as “No Endorsement” will be counted towards the total required. A “yes” or “no” position on a ballot measure requires sixty (60) percent of the ballots to be the endorsed position. Ballots marked “The 43rd takes no position” will be counted.

4. Reconsideration of an Endorsement. In the event no candidate
receives sixty (60) percent of the ballots, any candidate receiving at least forty (40) percent of the ballots will be eligible for reconsideration. Ballot measures are not eligible for reconsideration.
5. Process for Reconsideration. A paper ballot is required for all reconsideration votes, and the results shall be tallied and reported to the Chair. Any candidate receiving sixty (60) percent of the ballots will receive an endorsement. Only one reconsideration vote per race will be allowed.
The reconsideration ballot will include any candidates who qualify, as well as “No Endorsement.” Motions for reconsideration will not be considered to be in order if all candidates eligible in a first round of voting would qualify for reconsideration.

Article Four: Speeches
1. Candidate Presentation. To be eligible for endorsement, each candidate or ballot measure must be nominated for consideration by a member of the District organization. Each nominated candidate and/or the candidate’s representative(s) will be entitled to address the meeting for two (2) minutes.
2. "No Endorsement" Speech. If only one candidate is considered for endorsement, the Chair will allow a member to speak in favor of making no endorsement. The speaker in favor of "no endorsement" will be entitled to address the meeting for two (2) minutes.
3. Ballot measures. Speakers for or against a ballot measure will be entitled to address the meeting for two (2) minutes.

Article Five: Voting Eligibility
1. Voting members. In order to be considered eligible to vote on endorsements, an individual must:

a. reside within the 43rd Legislative District;

b. be a registered voter, or if not of voting age, be eligible to vote within two years;

c. be a declared Democrat, and;

d. be either a PCO or a member who has paid current dues.
2. New members. Members are eligible to vote ten (10) calendar days after paying dues; persons who were voting members during the previous calendar year may renew and vote immediately.