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43rd District Documents


The 43rd District Democrats Bylaws (132 KB) are voted on by members of the district who have paid their dues in full and/or serve as Precinct Committee Officers.


The 43rd District Democrats Platform (141KB) is approved by registered voters of Washington state’s 43rd Legislative District during the caucus process.

If you have questions about our bylaws or platform, please contact us.

Endorsement Rules  

2017 Endorsement Rules - Adopted at the 2017-03-21 General Meeting.


43rd District Democrats 2017 Budget - Approved at the 2017-03-21 General Meeting.


A copy of adopted resolutions can be found below:



About Washington's 43rd District Democrats

We’re a grassroots, volunteer-based organization in Seattle committed to increasing political participation and civic engagement through:

  • Registering and educating voters and citizens
  • Effecting change through grassroots organizing
  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV) organizing
  • Hosting public forums and panel discussions
  • Holding precinct and legislative district caucuses
  • Supporting leaders who share our values

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